Our First Garage Sale

Early October 2012 we decided to have our first garage sale. Both of us knew that we had many items, collectibles, and extra “stuff” we could sell now rather than wait until later. It was time to start sorting, thinning out, downsizing, and getting rid of things we didn’t need.

As we starting going through closets, drawers, and cabinets in the house; then out to the garage-both of us found things we had completely forgotten we had. It was amazing how much we had accumulated in the almost 45 years we have been married. We decided to sell anything that didn’t have a purpose. The more expensive items I would post for sale on Ebay; everything else we would put on our garage sale. We didn’t realize how large our sale would be until a few days ahead of time. Not only was our garage full, but we would have to use our front deck to display some items. Not to mention the furniture and tables we would be putting out in the driveway. We ran out of tables to put things on, so I made the rounds in our neighborhood, borrowing tables from several neighbors.

We sold our chest freezer, small tables, bookshelves, a chest of drawers, some occasional chairs, books, dolls, Coca Cola collectibles, dishes, glasses, extra silverware, some larger pieces of cookware I just didn’t use any more, extra linens, home decor, and all our Christmas items. I did save a wreath for our door, and a couple of small items we could use in our motorhome. David went through his tools and the hardware in the garage, and added items to the tables; he also got rid of a heater, chain saw, golf cart, and many other items we wouldn’t be using in the motorhome.

We had our sale on a Friday and Saturday, then donated most of what was left but kept the books and a few other items which we will try to sell at another garage sale we will have in Spring 2013. We are planning to put our house up for sale in late Spring, and once it sells we will then work on selling the furniture and any household items we won’t be keeping for our motorhome.

All during the preparation for our garage sale, and after selling what ended up being several truckloads of “stuff” it actually felt rather freeing. Our possessions can and do weigh us down in some ways. Life is going to be so much simpler once we are living in our motorhome and are limited to keeping mostly the basic items we need. We won’t have enough room to start collecting “stuff” again.Image


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