Selling on Ebay

Selling on Ebay
We had decided, before we had our recent garage sale, to save some collectibles so we could sell them on Ebay. Realizing that people who came to garage sales were looking for bargains, we thought our collectibles would bring more money on Ebay auctions.
Early in November, just about the time that Christmas Club checks would be out, Joan began listing dolls on Ebay that she had accumulated over a period of 30 years. They sold rapidly at first, bringing prices she was very pleased to get. The buyers paid quickly, and the dolls were shipped out to their new owners. Joan then listed more collectibles; Coca Cola musical banks, several older books and miscellaneous other collectibles.
About the middle of November, several problems developed with the eBay sales. Buyers who won auctions didn’t pay, and had to be reported. Other buyers were very slow with payments, or didn’t respond to emails, delaying payments and shipping. Many items needed to be relisted, and by now we were into the first week of December. The window of opportunity for selling our items had closed; most people had already made their Christmas purchases.
Sales slowed way down; many items did not sell even after relisting. Although we had sold over half of the items listed, we had expected to sell almost everything. And waiting to hear from buyers who didn’t pay for their purchases-and the delays in reporting these buyers (none of whom ever contacted us to let us know they weren’t going to complete their purchase) and trying to work through the Ebay resolution process-all contributed to missing out on selling those items to people who would have paid us for them. We were very disappointed with many of the people who were bidding on our auctions, and found the whole process of selling on Ebay very frustrating and time consuming.
Joan then decided to list the remaining items on Craigslist, and also to put ads in our local “shopper” which offers free ads for items under $100. We had no sales, and only a couple of calls from either source. We decided that we would sell what was left at a future garage sale, or to ask an antique/collectible dealer if they could give us a fair price.
Although we didn’t sell as many of our collectibles as we had hoped, we still realized over $2000 in profit after paying Ebay seller fees, PayPal fees, and shipping related expenses.


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