2013, Countdown to Our New Lifestyle

Before we can begin fulltime living in our motorhome, there are many items we need to cross off our preparation list. Of course, there is the most important task of all, and that is the writing of the all important preparation list. As we begin the year 2013, we face the daunting task of making the transition from living at a fixed address to living in our home on wheels.

It seems overwhelming, when we think about everything we need to accomplish first. There are days that we question whether full time living in an RV is the right choice to make. We tell ourselves (and each other) that doubts are inevitable, when faced with the magnitude of the change we are making in our lifestyle. But we both agree that living full time in an RV is exactly what we want to do.

Joan: I am facing surgery for a torn rotator cuff in mid January. My doctor tells me that it will take several months of recovery before I would be able to go back to work. By that time, we could possibly have our house sold, and have started the move into our motorhome. Rather than go back to work for what could be a very short period of time, I have decided to quit work now, and concentrate on healing after surgery and completing rehabilitation therapy. I can then concentrate on preparing the house for sale, Dave and I can sort and mark items for a garage sale in the early spring, and we can decide what to keep and put in storage, and then start moving whatever we will need into our motorhome.



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