Time to Plan

By the end of December 2012, we had made a good start on getting ready for our new life in Fall 2013. We had purchased our motorhome, our future home on wheels. We had our first garage sale under our belts and had sold many miscellaneous pieces of furniture, appliances, tools, Christmas decor, and household items. We had sold many collectibles on Ebay, although we still had some remaining items left to sell. We planned to have another sale in spring 2013, and were setting aside items as we began more sorting.

Now was the time to plan; not only what we still needed to sell, but also to make up a list along with a schedule. We needed a list of all the tasks remaining in order to make the transition from our landlocked home into our home on wheels. We also needed to start writing down a timeframe for how we would make that transition.

We had met with our investment advisor at our credit union in mid December, and made arrangements for online access to our accounts. We had also signed up for paperless notifications, and our advisor told us that we could stay in touch with him either by phone or email once we were “on the road” in our motorhome.

Joan had gradually let magazine subscriptions end, without renewal, and most of our bills and payments were already handled with auto pay and e-statements.
Joan bought a special organzier, with separate sections; the first was a 18 month calendar, there were sections for Notes, for Personal Information, for To Do lists, a section with blank sheets, and other various organizational tools; all in a binder which was 8″ X 6″ in size and no more than 2″ thick. Joan started writing target dates on the calendar pages; each month had two facing pages. Target Dates such as “file for David’s Teamster’s pension”, “List house for sale”, “have garage sale”, “meet with insurance agent before starting fulltime”, “get mailbox at UPS”, “David applies for Social Security”, “David retires”, etc.
On the Notes pages, she wrote a heading for the current month-then listed which tasks had been accomplished (also making a note on the Calendar page for that month when the target date was met). In the Personal section, she listed medical diagnoses for both of us, along with our doctors and phone numbers, our credit union and contact persons, anyone and anything we needed to keep with us at all times. In the To Do lists, there was a section for auto maintenance; she made up two charts, one for our motorhome, and another for our Jeep. The blank sheets will be used for any other reminders, or facts we might want handy.
Joan also purchased a multi-section file folder which is compact; in this will be copies of our last physical and medications, our cat’s medical records, our insurance policies, last year’s tax return, any receipts which may be tax deductible for 2013, there will be a section for bills or notices we may still get in the mail, a section for receipts for items we purchase which we want to keep for whatever reason, and there are blank sections for anything we haven’t thought of yet.
We also have a small fireproof safe box, which we will keep in our motorhome, with our birth certificates, marriage certificate, passports, our will (which our son and lawyer also have a copy of), our burial plans, life insurance policies, and other important papers we might need. Our son knows where this is stored, in case anything would happen to us. We have also told another relative, just in case something happens to our son. So we have made a good start on our Master Plan for the transition from being “home based” into living “on the road”.


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