Rotator Cuff Surgery

Joan: I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulderJanuary 16, 2013, and was home that evening. When the anesthesia wore off late that night, I was in severe pain. It took a couple of days for the pain medications to catch up with the pain; lots of ice and TLC from David to get me through the worst of it. David was a real trooper, helping with housework, cooking, dishes, and grocery shopping the first couple of weeks. I had a sling I needed to wear for 6 weeks, and a long term course of physical therapy to complete. And I wouldn’t be able to drive for 6-8 weeks. Quitting work was a good choice to make, because it took the pressure off, and I am able to concentrate on healing, and doing my therapy. Once I am healed up enough to start doing most activities; I can begin preparations for our garage sale, and help David get our house ready to sell. We also have plans for making our motorhome more liveable, to increase storage options in cabinets and compartments, and to start transferring some of the possessions we are keeping into the motorhome. I have been doing lots pf research on the internet to get ideas for our “home on wheels”, finding many posts and blogs about full time RV living. Have gotten many great ideas also on “Pinterest” and am looking forward to warmer weather and going camping again this spring. And our master list is mostly completed, broken down into monthly tasks.



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