Sorting and Pricing

Joan: It is now 11 weeks since my shoulder surgery. I have been driving since week 6, don’t have to wear my sling anymore, and am able to do light tasks with my right arm. I still can’t lift anything heavier than a pound or two, but am feeling much better. I am finally sleeping better, and have more energy.

Meantime, I am sorting through kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closets and drawers. We plan a garage sale for the middle of April, and will sell lots of extra “stuff”, some of our furniture and accessories, and anything we won’t need in the few months that are left before David retires. 

As we sort through our possessions, we are amazed at just how much “stuff” we have; many items have not been used for a long time. So far, we have 3 totes full of those items we have decided to keep; photo albums, a few things that belonged to our parents, letters from our son when he was away in the Navy, and several collectibles that have special meaning to us. We are amazed at how little we will be storing; which just goes to prove that most of our possessions were not all that important to our quality of life. 
We have been throwing away a few things; donating lots of items we know won’t sell at our garage sale, taking clothing and shoes to a sister’s consignment shop, and have advertised some specialty items on Craigslist-which are selling well. What’s amazing is how easy it has been to let go of all our excess possessions; we had anticipated more reluctance, especially with our collectibles. Instead, letting go of these things is almost a relief, as it brings us closer to our new life as happy wanderers.



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