Garage Sale

We decided to open our garage sale for two days, Friday April 12 and Saturday the 13th. David took vacation the week of the sale so he could help sort and price stuff in the garage, and be there both days of the sale. We ended up with so many things for sale that we needed to set up both in the garage and in a couple of rooms in our house. My sister Mary and her daughter Abby came Friday morning, and stayed overnight. Mary brought a cash box and calculater, which we used in the house, and David manned the garage. People came early both days, and we were very busy; hardly had a moment when we didn’t have people in both the house and the garage. We ended up selling 7/8 of the garage stuff, and about 2/3 of the house stuff. We had decided to sell anything and everything we wouldn’t be using for the last few months in our home, or that we didn’t need for our motorhome. We sold extra furniture, household and kitchen items, and most of David’s tools and hardware; a snowblower, shovels and other yard tools. We kept our lawnmower and a few gardening tools, and one set of dishes and glasses in the house, and all our personal items. We decided to keep some of the pictures and home decor so the house would look welcoming. But everything else went.

Family has asked for certain items of furniture, such as our dining table and chairs, a queen size bed, a curio cabinet, and several smaller pieces of furniture. We were very happy with the success of our sale, and made enough money to get new tires for our motorhome, and have extra left over. We saved a few boxes of the better items to put out at our next garage sale, which will be after our home sells.


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