Selling our Home

Joan: David and I have been busy ever since our recent garage sale, getting our home ready to sell. David has checked the house and garage for any loose trim, items that might need repair, and washed the house and garage, and windows outside last weekend. I washed the vinyl railings on both our decks, repainted trim on the garage windows and doorway, spruced up the flowerbeds and did some weeding, stained the front deck, and cleaned the outdoor furniture. I did some more tidying up in the garage, and set lawn ornaments out in the flowerbeds. I also bought a couple of large pots of geraniums to set out on stands near both entrances.
The past couple of weeks I have been doing deep cleaning in the house, making extra room in the closets by pulling out items we won’t be needing once we move into the motorhome. Some of the better clothing will go to my sister’s consignment shop, and the other things are already donated to charity. I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, washed the inside windows and blinds, cleaned ceiling fans, and vacuumed dust and cobwebs out of the corners. I shampooed all the carpets, and outside of the regular everyday cleaning, we are ready to sell our home.
Tomorrow our house will be officially for sale. We have already had three people expressing interest; referrals from friends or relatives who were at our recent garage sale. They have been informed that our house will be for sale as of April 26th, and that we will have an open house on Sunday the 27th. I have made a For Sale sign for the front window, and a yard sign for any Open Houses we decide to have. In our neighborhood, which is an upscale mobile home park, the houses with a double car garage sell very quickly if they are priced right. The management of this park have open houses every weekend, and advertise these so we may not have to do any advertising other than listing our home-with pictures-on Craigslist.
We have discovered how much other homes in our park have sold for in the past year, and have priced ours accordingly. As it is a manufactured home, on a rented lot, we have decided to sell it ourselves. Our lawyer has agreed to handle the closing for us. So now, it is time to take the final big step towards our new adventure.


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