Showing our Home to Potential Buyers

We listed our home about 10 days ago on Craigslist. We also put an ad in the weekly Advertiser, to run for one month. We had an Open House this past Sunday, with an ad in our local paper. We had only two people show up for our open house, and they just happened to be driving through the neighborhood. We have had calls almost daily, some from our listing on Craigslist, some when they saw the House For Sale in our front window, and several from the Advertiser. We have shown the house to married couples- younger and older, single people, and a couple of widows.  No one has called us back, although everyone has commented on how clean and new our home appears; we have received many compliments on the improvements we have made.
I made up a flyer which I give to everyone who tours our home. It has all the pertinent information (such as price, square footage, our phone). It lists the main features, our lot rent, average utilities, and has a link to Flickr where they can view a total of 54 pictures and the floor plan.
My husband and I were concerned because we haven’t had any offers yet. Before we decided on a selling price, we asked around the neighborhood, and found out what similar homes with a double garage had sold for. We decided on a price right in the middle range, which gives us the opportunity to lower the price by up to $5000 if we need to in order to sell it. There aren’t many double wide homes with two car garages for sale by private owners right now; one is lower priced but is smaller and has a yard building instead of a garage, and the other is much larger and newer and priced quite a bit higher than ours.
The owners of our community sell new and used homes. Their new homes which are the same size as ours start at about what we are selling our home for and go up in price for the larger homes; but no landscaping has been done, there are no sidewalks to these houses, no decks, and no garages or yard buildings-if a person purchases one of the new homes, they could easily end up spending two to three times as much as what our home is selling for.
The used homes sold by the owners of our community vary in price, and in quality. They start at about $25,000 less than ours; to about $10,000 less-all of their current used homes are older than ours; none have garages or sheds; the yards are bare dirt, and most do not have even one deck. We toured their used homes for sale, and ours is in much better condition. Many of these homes have obvious signs of wear, need minor repair work (such as cracked tiles, missing trim, leaky windows, etc.)
Just to make sure we had an objective opinion, I talked to the realtor who had originally sold us our home back in 2004. He sells houses in our neighborhood occasionally and I have visited with him several times. He stopped in today, when he saw our House for Sale sign in the window, and I told him what our asking price was; he said it was about right for a quick sale and didn’t think we would have any trouble selling it. In fact, he told us that there was a shortage of quality used homes in our city in this price range and that there was high demand for used homes this size, in good condition.
So David and I have decided to be patient, keep our house in tip top selling condition, and wait for just the right person(s) to come along. We are willing to come down in price if we need to in order to make a sale, but it would have to be under the right conditions. We wouldn’t want to do this for someone who has a home of their own to sell and who wouldn’t be able to get financing approval until that happens. In this situation, we would also want to keep showing our home and take back up offers, in case the potential buyer’s home doesn’t sell. We want to be able to sell our home, and leave Iowa before the weather turns cold in late Fall.


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