Our First Offer

We have had our home for sale about 3 weeks. Quite a few people have called, many did come to see our home, but it wasn’t until today that we received our first offer. It was less than our asking price, but higher than the lowest amount we were willing to accept, so we accepted her offer. She has a home to sell, but she really wants our house and doesn’t want to take the chance of losing it if her home doesn’t sell within the next few months. She has applied for a loan so that she can be sure to get our home, and have a replacement if her current home sells quickly. We made a mutual decision for a closing date 60 days from now. If her home sells before the 60 days is up, we can always move the closing date up. There are many campgrounds within one hour away, so my husband and I can move into our motorhome and he can continue working until the end of August-as planned.
We are both excited about this offer, even though we do enjoy living here and will miss our neighbors. It will be so much easier in so many ways to be freed from all the work that a traditional home requires. Our motorhome will have everything we need, and although we realize there will be maintenance, cleaning, and repairs over the years-it won’t be as costly as what we have spent on the houses we have owned during 45 years of marriage.


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