Sold our Home

house 2We completed negotiations with the person who gave us an offer on our home, accepted it, and settled on a closing date of July 30th. Her financing was quickly approved, and she has made a down payment. This has happened so fast, that we haven’t really had a chance to catch our breath. We were surprised at how many people were seriously interested in our home once the word got out. We know it is in good condition, and we expected it to sell fairly quickly; just not this fast. We are glad that the person who bought it doesn’t want possession before 60 days. This will give us time to finish sorting all our belongings, to price items for our garage sale, make decisions about what we will keep in storage (so far, only 3 totes are full), what we will transfer to our motorhome, and to complete our schedule of tasks to transfer to full time RV living.


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