Going, Going, Gone!

Had a garage sale June 6th and 7th, selling even more of our belongings. Most of the furniture in our home is sold; thankfully, we are able to use the pieces we need (our bed, two dressers, dining room table and chairs, and our two recliners, end tables and bedside table) until their new owners pick them up the weekend of July 20 and 21st. So many items are gone that our home looks bare. The new owner bought some of the furniture, and home decor. Other furnishings are going as nieces, sisters, brothers, and others come to pick them up. Already gone are bookshelves, decorative and end tables, mirrors, pictures, floral arrangements, most of our dishes and glassware, all our larger serving pieces, roasters, some of the small appliances, extra linens, and almost everything that was in our garage. During the next few weeks, David and I will go through our clothing, shoes, and accessories, and decide what we are keeping. There are many pieces we won’t need. Most of our winter clothing will be donated or sold at a sister’s consignment shop, although we are keeping a winter coat each, a couple of winter outfits, shoes and gloves, just in case we have to come back to the Midwest during the winter for a wedding, funeral or other family event. Most of the clothes we are keeping are casual, warm weather items. Our wardrobe will consist mainly of jeans, short sleeve shirts. sweatshirts or pants, a few long sleeve shirts, and several pairs of shoes each. We will keep lightweight jackets and cardigans for cooler weather wear, and hiking boots. Dave will keep a nice pair of casual slacks and some short sleeve/long sleeve shirts, and Joan will keep some dressier separates in case of meals out or special occasions. But we won’t have much room for hanging clothes as we have decided that stacking plastic drawers in our wardrobe closet are more practical for casual clothing.

We will have one final sale July 20 and 21st, and will donate whatever doesn’t sell. On the 18th or 19th of July, we will park our motorhome at a nearby campground, so we will have a bed to sleep in while selling whatever is left, and I will clean everything real well at the house the week before the new owner moves in. The closing on our house will be on July 30th. And that is when we will officially become full time RVers.


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