Preparing our Motorhome for Fulltime RV living

doorinside door

bathbath 2

bath 3kitchen


Over the last few months, ever since the weather turned halfway warm in March, we have gradually changed areas in our motorhome to make more efficient use of space.
David installed two adjustible shelves, one in a cabinet in the kitchen; another in a new space we created by removing the television in the bedroom area. The TV was an older, large model which was built into the wardrobe in the bedroom area; just above several drawers. After removing the television, we had a space approximately 20″ high, 21″ deep, and 20″ wide, which was finished off inside. David installed brackets for an adjustible shelf; this area will be perfect for bulky clothing such as sweatpants, sweatshirts, cardigans, and jeans. We made a door with hinges and a catch which David installed over this opening. We weren’t able to match the wardrobe finish exactly so Joan hung a picture (using Command locking picture hangers) on the outside of this door which fits inside a “frame” David made for the edges of the door.

We have purchased ready made space savers, are using stackable drawers and containers wherever possible, and underbed totes for under the bed and also in the pass through spaces between compartments outside. Joan found some collapsible kitchen items and clear rectangular storage containers in various sizes which stack-these will be used for everything from staples to cereal and snacks. She found various space saving storage items for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom areas- everything from a wine rack hung on the bathroom wall which holds rolled up towels to small baskets for the narrower cabinets which will hold items such as socks, extra toiletries, craft supplies, etc. There is a ledge in the bathroom close to the floor which is only 6″ deep; Joan found a couple of narrow wicker items-a basket and a double shelf which will hold extra rolls of toilet paper and toiletries.

Many of the items we will be using in the motorhome have been transferred to cabinets, drawers, the wardrobe closet and to outside compartments. David found a Cosco 3 step folding ladder with a tray which will be handy for cleaning the motorhome awning and reaching some higher spots outside for routine maintenance. We are keeping the extendable brush we currently use for washing the motorhome. We purchased two anti-gravity reclining mesh lawn chairs for those times we will relax outside, reading, or just enjoying watching the activity around us; they will hang on a chair hanger which hooks on the motorhome ladder. We bought a Weber tabletop gas grill, as we cook outside almost every day, and this grill is heavier duty than the cheaper metal ones which we need to replace almost every year.

We are almost completely ready to start our full-timing lifestyle. All that is left to put into the motorhome is the rest of our clothing, a few pans, our Keurig coffee maker, some microwave containers-which we are still using at home-cleaning supplies, our vacuum cleaner (which is a compact, lightweight model), and the remaining food items we have left. Joan is purposely not buying any extras so we can use up most of what we currently have.

Almost everything from the house has sold; the last garage sale will be mostly smaller household items, and winter clothing we won’t need once we move into the motorhome. Joan has donated some; the rest she will take to her sister’s consignment shop. Anything that doesn’t sell will also be donated.


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