Moving into Our Motorhome

The past week, we have been moving more clothing, shoes, food staples, and household supplies into our motorhome. The fridge has been chilling all day, as the temps are in the high 80’s and 90’s here in Iowa, and today, Joan stocked up the fridge with food. This evening, we drove the motorhome to Swiss Valley campground just outside the Dubuque city limits. This will be our base camp until after the closing on our house July 30th. We wanted to get the camper set up, and run the air conditioner tonight and tomorrow so the interior would get cooled off. Starting tomorrow night (Thursday) we will be sleeping in our motorhome as the bed we have been sleeping on will be gone on Friday. Our garage sale is on Saturday, and once that is over with, Joan will clean up the house to get it ready for the new owner.

David is retiring a little sooner than he had originally planned. This hot weather has been so hard on him, and he decided to quit working July 30th. We plan to stay in this area until about the middle of September, to get our yearly physicals done, get new 2013 tags for our license plates, and transfer our prescriptions to Walgreens pharmacy. There are Walgreens just about everywhere, so there should be no problem getting our prescriptions filled as we need them.

We signed up for a mailbox at the UPS store today, and will have them forward our mail (starting July 30th) whenever we are going to be in an area for a week or more-or whenever the box starts getting full. They will email us if we get registered mail, or if a package is delivered, and also when the mailbox needs to be emptied. We can call as often as we like to check up on how much mail there is; besides a reasonable yearly fee for the box, we will be paying the cost of postage to forward our mail. However, we don’t get very much mail anymore since we started doing most of our business online so this mailbox service should meet our needs. We signed up for 6 months, which will give us enough time to judge if this is the right service for us.

Now that we have our motorhome ready to live in, and with almost no furniture in our house; we are starting to realize just what a big change we are making. Instead of being apprehensive about it, we are more certain than ever we are making the right choice-for us. It will be such a relief to be done with all the mundane repetitive chores of everyday life in a traditional home. If we were staying here in our house, we would be faced with routine maintenance, would be replacing carpet in 3 bedrooms within the next year or two, putting new inlaid flooring in both bathrooms, repainting the living and dining rooms; also some of the perennials outside need to be replaced with new plants and the flowerbeds need a new layer of mulch to keep down the weeds. Over time, staying in this house would be much more expensive than living in our motorhome and we would much rather travel than spend our time working.


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