Rustic Barn Campground in Kieler, Wisconsin

barnOn August 1st, we moved our motorhome to a private campground in Kieler, Wisconsin which is less than 10 minutes from Dubuque. We will be staying there until after Labor Day. The campground is in the country, has lots of trees, an old barn which contains the office and a community room, and a large bath house and laundry. There are about 60 sites, and some are for permanent campers who leave their 5th wheel or travel trailer parked there for the season. There are several full time RVers here, and we are enjoying visiting with them and talking about the full time life. We have been here now for 16 days, long enough to realize that we probably won’t stay in any one place this long again. We have been taking some day trips, doing some sight-seeing, making some small changes to the motorhome storage areas and doing some rearranging of items. We have signed up for Medicare supplement insurance and also obtained Part D prescription drug coverage. We picked plans according to which medications we are currently taking. We have been checking our mailbox frequently as there is lots of mail currently; gradually that will diminish as we do more and more online and have signed up for electronic payments for the Medicare supplement and drug plans, as well as auto insurance and other miscellaneous bills.

We have stopped at several Goodwill stores on our day trips, and bought a few items of clothing, a basket for our mail which fits in a convenient corner, and more books to read. For each item we buy, we try to donate an item back so we don’t get overloaded with “stuff”. A couple of drawers we use daily needed the sliding hardware replaced, which we were able to find at a local Menards (the replacements we purchased at Camping World didn’t work, so we had to return those). We will be doing some maintenance on the motorhome while here, some more cleaning and detail work, and Joan has shampooed the bedroom carpeting. We will be getting more rugs for the main pathways in the motorhome to protect the carpet. We have had a couple of wakes/funerals; the death of a young great nephew from cancer, and also that of a former neighbor who was only 67 from a heart attack. We have needed to get out our funeral clothes, and also some dressier clothing for a couple of meals out with friends.

camper chapel


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