First Snowstorm

Listening to the weather forecast on Wednesday night we decided to head south. The predictions were for colder temperatures and snow starting Thursday night. We left Lingle, WY shortly before noon on Thursday and drove to Cheyenne, as we had called our mail service to send our mail to the post office there. We expected it to arrive either Saturday or next Monday. Many of the campgrounds were closed in the Cheyenne area, and those that were open were filling up with campers who didn’t want to get caught in the bad weather. After making several calls, Joan found a campground that had some sites left.

We arrived at the AB Campground, which honored our Good Sam card; got a drive-through site with full hookups, cable TV and internet service. Shortly after dinner that evening, the rain started and during the night we could hear sleet slashing against our motorhome. By morning it was snowing, and with the high winds it was difficult to see very far. By noon, there was at least 6 inches on the ground. The snow was piling up on top of our slide awnings so we retracted the largest slide to remove some snow-which worked well. David went outside to unhook our water hose; then filled up the water tank and cleaned off the Jeep.

We lost our internet and cable TV by late morning, and the wind picked up during the afternoon. We decided to keep the biggest slide retracted inside as the wind was gusting up to 45 mph. Dave wanted to see downtown Cheyenne, and when the snow slowed down, we took the Jeep for a ride. The main roads were fairly clean, and the traffic wasn’t bad. We drove through part of the downtown area and saw some places we would like to go when the weather is warmer, stopped at the post office in case our mail came sooner than expected (it didn’t) and ended up going to the Franklin Mall to window shop and do some walkingImage.

As long as we have electricity, our camper will be toasty warm, we can watch cable TV and go online (both of these were working when we got back home). We do have a generator, but don’t like to use it unless we have to. Joan is going to do some baking this afternoon, as we are cooped up inside. We have hot apple cider K-cups, hot cocoa mix, the fridge and cupboards are well stocked, and most importantly we have plenty of cat food and litter for Smoke. He has toys to play with and is enjoying having us home with him. We are very cozy in our home on wheels.


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