New Graphics for our Motorhome


While still living in our traditional home back in Iowa, Joan had gone online to find businesses which replaced-or painted-RV graphics. She found several in the Phoenix or Mesa area, and read several RV forums and blogs to find customer reviews of these businesses. One name kept popping up, and one business had overwhelmingly positive reviews. RV Stripes and Graphics, a father & sonowned business, in Mesa AZ, was mentioned repeatedly in blogs and forums. Joan sent pictures of our Motorhome to them, and within a couple of days, we had an estimate. Joan had also submitted photos and info to a couple of other businesses in the area for both applied and painted graphics. Painting the graphics would be approximately twice the cost of vinyl graphics, so we decided to get vinyl.

Joan and Steve (son of the owner) communicated back and forth during the months before we left Iowa, and shortly after arriving in Apache Junction, we visited their shop. Steve gave us color samples, reviewed the process he would use to replace the graphics, and we gave him a deposit. The week of January 6th was reserved for our Motorhome, and Steve told us we could park in the back of his shop during the time our Motorhome was there. Steve helped us pick out some complementary colors which were more contemporary, but not too different from the original colors.

Our Motorhome graphics were deteriorating quickly, and detracted from the appearance of our motorhome, so we were eager to get them replaced. January 6th (which happened to be our 46th wedding anniversary) finally came and we moved to the lot behind RV graphics. Steve, his father, and the rest of the crew, didn’t waste any time getting to work.

First came the removal of the old graphics, along with glue residue and dirt. While the crew did this dirty work outside, a computer whiz took measurements and other data and fed all this into a computer program which enabled cutting of the replacement graphics- which would be slightly larger so as to cover “shadows” of the old graphics.

Here is our home with all the old graphics removed:

Here are photos of the time consuming process of installing new graphics:


Here are some pictures of our Motorhome after the completed job, and after Tubby’s RV Mobile Wash came to our campsite to thoroughly clean and hand wax our home. Tubby and his crew did a great job, and our home looks like new again.





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