February in Apache Junction

During our time at Sierra Leone MHP in Apache Junction, we were busy sightseeing, attending activities at the park, making new friends and enjoying being outside most days in the warm Arizona weather. We had gone to many social events during the Holiday Season of 2012, both at Meridian MHP and at Sierra Leone MHP. These festivities included potlucks, pancake breakfasts, pizza and ice cream socials, as well as parties hosted by the parks. David did check his sugars occasionally, and most were good, but he had a few higher blood sugars during December and January which we both attributed to the holiday “goodies”. But his blood sugars continued to creep up- into the 200s and higher- even after we returned to eating a more normal diet. When watching his diet closely, and walking every day didn’t bring his blood sugars back down into the 100s, David went to a local medical center in Apache Junction, and saw an internist.

His medications were changed, he was advised to monitor his blood sugars closely and to follow a diabetic diet. We stuck close to home, prepared the majority of our meals at home, and by the 2nd week of February he was doing much better and his blood sugar levels were down in the low 100s. We decided to take a couple of road trips in the Jeep; one day we went into the mountains south and east of Apache Junction on scenic byways. Another day we made a trip into Tucson and the Catalina Mountains; we decided after exploring this area to spend at least part of March in an RV park in Tucson. We went to the Saguaro NP, East Section and made the scenic loop in our Jeep, stopping at several overlooks for pictures. We attended a Renaissance Festive in Gold Canyon near Apache Junction and spent a day immersing ourselves in the Middle Ages.image
Queen's Court

We took Smoke for a couple more rides in the Jeep to some parks in the area which had grass and trees, which helped him cope better with living in our small home. Although he has been very good while we are gone sightseeing, we thought he deserved some quality time outside. Joan takes him for a walk almost every day but in the mobile home parks, there isn’t much that’s interesting for Smoke to look at, or to sniff. It’s mostly asphalt streets, concrete driveways, and crushed rock “lawns”. Some palm trees, lots of prickly desert cactus, a few bushes, and some orange trees. He gets lots of attention from the other residents, much petting, and praise. But he can’t chase the birds, or bunnies in the park, and he enjoys a change of scenery.


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