Big Woods

Our next opportunity as camphosts started June 1st, for 2 weeks, at Big Woods Lake in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This campground has mostly full hookups, a small tenting and electric section, new bathhouse/shower building, and a large cabin. It is located adjacent to Big Woods Lake, and has direct access to paved bike trails. Free WiFi is included, and it is high speed and reliable. As camphosts at Big Woods, our duties were light, checking on bathrooms and stocking toilet paper and paper towels, sweeping out showers between cleanings (done every Monday and Friday by park employees), selling firewood and assisting campers in finding sites and answering questions.


The camphost site at Big Woods is close to the ranger’s house, and the fire shed is on the site, making this job very easy. We enjoyed our time here at Big Woods, working in a smaller campground, with less daily duties. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday most weeks are very quiet; allowing camp hosts to take time off to run errands, visit family or friends, or enjoy time away from the campground.

While at Big Woods, Joan’s brother Lyle and his wife Cindy camped there for a couple of days, and we visited them at their home several times, and we enjoyed eating meals out with them. We have some favorite stores we go to whenever in this area, a great coffee shop in downtown Cedar Falls, and bought several items at Camping World.
Father’s Day was spent at Lyle and Cindys, and we enjoyed seeing their children and grandchildren. We had plans to see our son David once we got back to Dubuque after June 22nd to celebrate his birthday, as well as Father’s Day.
Our time in Cedar Falls/Waterloo area went quickly, and we decided to stay at Blackhawk Park just a mile away after our camphosting was completed. Our annual Potter Family (Joan’s family) campout was scheduled for June 19th through June 22nd at Hickory Hills in LaPorte City which is just south of Waterloo. Rather than drive back to Dubuque to get mail we had it mailed to the Cedar Falls post office. We then headed for Blackhawk Park, where we would camp a few days before we went to Hickory Hills.


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