Enjoying July

We stayed at a variety of campgrounds the latter part of July. Swiss Valley Park near Dubuque is one of our favorites, but will allow camping for only 14 days at a time. We stayed there as long as we could, and while there we talked to the head ranger Brian about becoming camp hosts for Dubuque County. He told us that all their parks, with the exception of Mud Lake, had camp hosts for the remainder of 2014 season. Massey Marina had a permanent camp host, Findleys Landing and Swiss Valley were covered till fall closing, but Mud Lake had no camp host all season. We filled out an application, then headed for Grant River for a couple of weeks.
We stopped in to talk to Brian again when we returned to Dubuque in early August. Our motorhome was getting an oil change, so we had a few hours to waste. Brian offered us the job as camp hosts at Mud Lake, for the remainder of the season, and we accepted.

When we arrived at Mud Lake later that day, we couldn’t park at the camp host site as it was occupied. There were plenty of sites free so we chose another and two days later moved our motorhome to that site. Because they hadn’t had a camp host for so long, they had been using the camp host site for a handicapped site. It was next to the bath house, close to the wood shed, and had a cement pad. It did not have sewer hookup, but did have water and electric. The ranger who lives at this campground, Dan, was new to the job (about one year), and very helpful. Our duties were to help people register, keep the main shower house/bathrooms clean and stocked with supplies, and to check the pit toilets for paper. We were to notify the ranger on duty of any problems that came up, or if we needed anything.

We were happy to have a free RV site for the rest of our time in the Dubuque area. We hoped for lots of visits from family and friends, and planned some family visits of our own.


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